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Mt Hutt Lime

Mt Hutt Lime is a new division of Harmer Earthmoving

We supply a wide range of Aglime and diary track from three quarries in the Methven/Mt Somers area. We're focused on delivering a quality product and test our product regularly to ensure we are delivering the right grade.

The benefits of using Aglime can include:

  • Improved nutrient availability to plants. This improves fertiliser responses
  • Improved pasture composition
  • Supplies plant available calcium supply
  • Increased clover performance resulting in increased nitrogen fixation
  • Encouragement of beneficial soil micro and macro organisms including casting earthworms. This enhances nutrient cycling and improves soil structure
  • Improved water holding capacity of soils. Improved drought tolerance
  • Increased capacity of soils to retain and exchange nutrients for plant growth
  • Increased dry matter production.
  • Decreased availability of metals such as aluminium and manganese

Dry Lime Availability


On Site Mt Hutt
On Site Mt Alford
Methven Shed
Rakaia POA
Ashburton POA

High Grade Alford Lime

On Site Mt Alford POA

Low Grade Ag Lime

On Site Mt Alford POA

Dairy Track Lime

40mm Mt Alford POA
80mm Mt Alford POA
Clay Stone POA

Mt Hutt Lime Quality & Effectiveness

We have four different types of agricultural limestone available with test results ranging from 90 - 97.45%. For a lower cost product with faster and slower releasing limes to change the speed you want the PH to rise. These range from a damp lime to an extremely dry lime for applications on windier days and also, an extremely fine to slightly more coarse product to change speed of reactions.

Quality of Limestone

Calcium Carbonate CaCO3 Equivalent

Sample 2 January 2015 Sample 23 October 2014